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Welcome to the cryptocurrency humor section where you will find all kinds of memes about the world of cryptos so that when we are losing money or in a downtrend, we can at least laugh at it.

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(On this page we collect many memes from many different sites, we are not the creators, so we will leave your links so that you can secure their authors from those we know are theirs)

Waiting for an uptrend

What women think we want vs. what we really want

angelina jolie holding bitcoin

only hodl

profit after downward trend in ethereum

When your crypto currency goes up a bit but has been going down for 6 months

trade and see the price of your altcoins

When you only think about seeing the price of your altcoins

invest in bitcoin blockchain technology

When "you don't care about the price"

crypto hodler crying

Ways to get water with bitcoin

Buy cheap bitcoin but have no money

Trying to buy the dip

Believe in bitcoin and blockchain

When nobody believes in cryptos

buy ripple, tron, bitcoin ethereum

Crypto Bukake

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What is bitcoin cash?

buy Bitcoin cash bch

best cryptocurrencies to invest when buying and selling

We really just want money

after buying the best cryptocurrencies

When they ask you about cryptocurrencies

invertir en bitcoin?

Bitcoin es la mejor criptomoneda?

bitcoin price theories

Waiting for the sauce

invest in new cryptocurrencies

As it should be

invest and buy icos

They always look like good projects

Price drop in crypto currencies

Good price drop we live

buy the dip, institutional money to bitcoin

The sages of blockchain

sendanywhere ethereum y btc

Scamta claus

best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

If you have bought cryptocurrencies it will have happened to you

where to buy cheap bitcoin

100% sure

When btc is worth 20,000 dollars

old good times

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest


How to invest in bitcoin peru

Bitcoin buy buy!

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Buy cryptocurrencies in 2019

2018 has been hard for cryptocurrencies

How to mine bitcoin in 2019 with video card

Mining bitcoin

rich to know where to buy the best cryptocurrencies

To the moon!

Buy cheap bitcoins

I hope someday that happens

in which cryptocurrency to invest

I already bought when it was cheap

buy bitcoins safely


invest in bitcoin or ethereum

Of course, if XD

sell bitcoin in cash

I did not sell

where to buy bitcoin in cash and cheap

I hope I can buy cheap bitcoin

cryptocurrency investment strategies

Hodler's life

how to invest in bitcoin safely

This is hodl !!

price drop to buy cheap

Not that!

gpu to miner and change cryptocurrencies

Eos for children

buy ledger and trezor hardware wallet

you have to buy a ledger

send and buy ethereum eth to invest

someone always sends ethereum

best page to buy bitcoins

The money invested in cryptocurrencies stays in the cryptocurrencies

best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2019

you bought a cryptocurrency and made an easy x10

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best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

When it keeps going down without stopping

blockfolio to see the price of ethereum bitcoin ripple in euros dollars

I think I looked at blockfolio a thousand times in a day

easy bitcoin and where to buy bitcoin spain

There is no pain

How to sell bitcoin to dollars

Sell bitcoin for dollars

investing cryptocurrencies and bit coin

Maybe they were right in their day

Buy cryptocurrencies in the best bitcoin exchanges

Now we have no excuse not to buy more cryptocurrencies

buy one bit coin

Bad luck

bitconnect scam


Buy bitcoin at coinbase

Send nudes

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