Learn EVERYTHING about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Are you new to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? You do not know where to start and everything is very confusing? Then get ready and hold on tight to the chair because you are in the perfect place to clear all your doubts and enter the crypto space by the big door!

In the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies the information is very confusing, but here we will make it easy to understand, we will guide you all the way with less technicalities and explained as if it were a manual for dummies and more close so you can start investing safely.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Here you will find everything you need to know about bitcoin. What is it, how does it work and what is it used for? It’s called bit coin or bitcoin? We will also talk about cryptocurrencies.What they are, what they are for, how to buy them, how to filter them and what are the best ones to invest in and how to start with the cryptocurrencies

Where to buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

How and where to buy bitcoin? Here we will start with the first steps so you can start buying or investing easily and how to register in exchanges safely


Guide to everything related to security, types of wallets for free or hardware wallet, how to send or pay with bitcoin, how to prevent them from entering to your accounts or wallets and how to avoid scams

Cryptofriki Store

Do you love cryptos and need to have something about that so everyone knows how pro you are? Well here we have the best online store that a fan of cryptos can find

Investment and strategy

In this section you can find different types of capital management strategies, investment and other areas so you can get the best strategies and be a successful investor

Crypto vocabulary

Yes … I understand that you are looking for this section, that if wallet, that if blockchain, that the private key, that if the grandfather has bitcoins… Here we have all the translations

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