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Guest Author or Translator

Are you looking for a place to write articles as a guest or to translate content from Spanish to English to give you visibility? We are looking for that!

We know that it is always difficult to get those backlinks to your blog or website that you need so much and therefore on our website we can facilitate that, providing content or translating articles from our website that helps us to be better day by day, you gain 2 links of the good ones to your website among other things that I will comment below. What is called a Win Win

For our part we will not put too many obstacles in terms of content, while it is the subject of cryptocurrencies, computer security in cryptos, trading psychology or any other subject that is related. In general, we are looking for a fairly close and relatively informal vocabulary suitable for all audiences since this website focuses on people who have just arrived in the world of cryptocurrencies and who do not have great knowledge of computer science or investment.

As far as translation is concerned, the website is designed in Spanish but we are translating it manually little by little, although we are not experts so all help is welcome so do not worry because we will not ask you for any type of studies or certificate . If you are the typical foreign person who understands Spanish or that you simply have English very much at hand, for us it is enough

What do we offer to invited authors or content translators?

  • Possibility of including two links do follow to your blog or website (the good ones )
  • Your identity as an author (if you wish) and your web page
  • Promotion of the article in social networks of Bitcoin Starter Pack (it would be good if you later put a link on your website or in social networks to the article so that it gained more visibility and had more impact)
  • Freedom in the subject within the world of cryptos or related
  • Possibility of having a different space in which to post where to get new readers talking about your subject. An interesting example of your story would be traveling while you invest in cryptos, it would be a way to bring our theme together with the theme of someone who has a traveller’s blog and who could capture new public to his blog
  • In the case of translators we add the possibility of offering their services with a contact banner at the end of each translated article

Conditions to participate as guest author

  • The content you provide will be 100% written by you and that will not be duplicate content posted on other websites before or with copyrighted images (images can be provided by us)
  • The article will have to be a minimum of 1000 words
  • That the post is interesting to read and that is not something that everyone has talked about, such as not the story of bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto or things like that

If you meet these conditions you are the one to post on our website and we will be more than happy to receive you whenever you want!

What is not allowed in guest posts?

  • Affiliate links or links to third parties are not allowed (will be reviewed before posting)
  • Undercover companies to obtain backlinks, for this we would have to negotiate other terms being a sponsorship post and not a guest author (if it is the case contact us in the contact section)

Conditions to be a content translator

  • Simply be an authentic translation with the informal native vocabulary with which we write
  • I know it’s a bit absurd to clarify it but we don’t want the typical one, translate from google. The goal of the translation is for an English-speaking person to feel comfortable reading the articles with that informal and close touch with a reading equal to what it would be if the writer were English-speaking.

How do I make the guest post or translations?

In the case of the guest author post you just have to send us an email with the subject “Guest Post” with the topic or topics that you want to address that you think can fit in the theme of the web and we will contact you as soon as possible

In the case of translations simply send us an email with the subject “Translation of articles” with the articles you want to translate and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We are in touch!

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* The videos and all the information provided on this website have a purely educational character about trading and investing. It is a training service of a generic nature and not personalized to the user’s circumstances. This website does not offer ANY kind of advice to its users, either actively or in response to the questions received. As it is a formative web page, we cannot be responsible for the improper use that the user makes of said information. Financial speculation and investing carry risks of losing your money and it is an essential requirement to have the minimum knowledge, judgment and common sense to operate. In no case may claim the person responsible for this website, damages and prejudices arising from its operation.