Where to Buy Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies?

Guide specially designed for you, so that in just 3 simple steps you can buy bitcoins with fast, easy and especially with security (as a bitcoin guide for dumies)

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How to Buy Bitcoins Easy and Fast

  • 1st Step: You register on one of the pages that we recommend below
  • Step 2: You verify your account and deposit money with your credit card or paypal
  • 3rd Step: Now you canย buy Bitcoin safely and cheaply

How to buy Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in a broker or exchange

To get your first bitcoins or cryptocurrencies you can do it in several ways but the most common is buying them in an exchange or broker, which for us to understand would be like going to buy the market but instead of buying hake, you are buying cryptocurrencies.

It may take a few days to verify, it will depend on the number of people who are doing it too and sometimes they even close new records temporarily due to the influx of new accounts so even if you have not decided to buy, we recommend that you do the accounts and check them for when you are sure to invest, you can do it quickly without waiting.

For this we leave four options that we consider to be the best and safest among all currently offered. Click on the photo to register today and support the web <3!

THE BEST places to buy Bitcoins

๐Ÿ‘ Exchange with mainly Asian investors

๐Ÿ‘ Solid and secure company

๐Ÿ‘ Possibility to trade with leverage

๐Ÿ‘ Exchange for professionals

cryptocurrency broker

๐Ÿ‘ The best exchange for beginners

๐Ÿ‘ Solid and secure company

๐Ÿ‘ Free $ 10 invitation for new users

๐Ÿ‘ Buy Bitcoin with USD and EUR credit card

broker ethereum

๐Ÿ‘ The best exchange for professionals

๐Ÿ‘ Low commissions to operate

๐Ÿ‘ Many cryptocurrencies

๐Ÿ‘ Buy cryptocurrencies with credit card

๐Ÿ‘ Many young projects to invest in their beginnings before reaching older brokers

๐Ÿ‘ Many weekly promotions

๐Ÿ‘ Buy crypto with card with USD and EUR

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Here you can find the technical analysis of bitcoin in its most important moments to see how it would invest and at what prices a professional would do it. It’s almost as if we give you free bitcoins

How do they work and what to do in a broker or exchange?

To make an account in an exchange, all you have to do is register as in any other website and go following the steps indicated by the platform, but hey, it’s the usual thing to put your name, address bla bla bla bla and if you want To make an entry (which is what we want) we will have to follow the identification steps that there already can ask us for a photo of the ID and some other thing to verify that you are yourself.

Once this is done it depends on the platform as it will allow you to enter your money to later buy your bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. In some you can do it directly with your debit card or by bank transfer that may take some day than another.

Once you have done this (which is really what gives you the most laziness), we can proceed to change our currencies that in a very intuitive way each platform has its own style. Basically you select for example bitcoin or the virtual currency to buy, it shows you the price of bitcoin right now, you enter the price at which you want to buy it, the amount and you give it to buy bitcoin or buy bitcoin. At the moment someone sells at that price … Boom! You already own your brand new and magnificent bitcoin! (or a piece of BTC that is very expensive a whole one). After investing in virtual currency, you become an investor officially, we recommend that if your idea is to make the investment in the long term, make a withdrawal to a hardware wallet to have them in your possession in the safest way possible. We recommend you if you have not already done so, go through the Security section

How to buy Bitcoins?

Buy Bitcoin in cash

There are several ways to buy bitcoins but it depends on how you have the money to invest. If what you want is to buy bitcoin in cash without identification or without commissions, possibly the best option is to find someone to sell them and make the transaction in person, but you should be careful to avoid scams.

Buy bitcoin online

On the other hand, if you want to buy bitcoins online with euros or dollars, it is best to do it with your credit card, visa, American express or paypal if you want to do it now safely, easily and quickly.

There is also the option to buy bitcoin with bank transfer to Coinbase or Binance, and it should be pointed out that if your bank offers to buy bitcoin directly from them, do not do it (at least currently) because they will charge you the commissions they want or to the price that suits them so if you have any offer from BBVA, Santander or Bancolombia, you better discard it.

How to buy bitcoins in my country?

Depending on the country you could use a payment system or another, for example if you want to buy bitcoin in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela or Brazil, you must do it from Coinmama, Bitso or Volabit but you will be charged high commissions up to 10% and on the other hand you have Localbitcoins that When buying cryptocurrencies there you have to follow the safety rules for the scams.

On the other hand, if you want to buy bitcoin safely from Spain, you can get them cheap as commission is concerned, since you can do it directly with your visa card or bank transfer. Although you can also use the other named methods and even if you want to buy bitcoin in Barcelona or Madrid there are physical stores that you can go to but like everything that requires a face-to-face service, the commission costs are higher than by Coinbase or an exchange directly.

Where NOT to buy btc

Whenever we talk about money you have to apply common sense and just in case it has crossed your mind, NEVER buy bitcoin on eBay, Amazon, second hand or the like because if you buy there other currencies for your vacation to another country It would be crazy, with the subject of cryptocurrencies it is the same. Don’t fall for deception or scams

P2P or from person to person

Another way to get bitcoin if you do not want to go through exchanges is to buy them directly from someone who has and wants to sell them but it is not always easy to find that someone. There are numerous groups of facebook, telegram, twitter where people offer bitcoin in different types of payment such as cash, bank transfer, paypal or others. In these cases you risk that if you do not know the person or you have no one to support you at the level of trust, you are taking a huge risk of being scammed and as we always say, Take care of your money! and if you have not passed yet, we recommend that you visit our Security section before taking that step

For this there are pages that are responsible for acting as an intermediary for this process, such as Localbitcoins, in which you can select the payment method that suits you, but we recommend you start with an exchange that is the safest and you will not have any type of complication and if something happens, you always have a support team that can help you

(This website is at no time making an investment recommendation or financial advice. So it is only and exclusively informative and / or educational. If you have any questions about it, in the Legal section you will have the necessary info).

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How to buy Specific Cryptocurrencies

Answers to all your questions about Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin Cash, bitcoin gold and other currencies that have the name of bitcoin the same?

  • No, they are forks so they should not be confused or think that they are cheaper Bitcoins

Is it a good time to invest in Bitcoin now? I always think I’ll buy bitcoin but I just didn’t do it

  • We cannot answer that question since we are not financial advisors, but it has been worth $ 20,000 and now after this great correction / download it is much cheaper and may not be again … (wink wink) we are not a website bitcoin predictions roll, but in the Articles section we put technical analysis on the price of bitcoin every time something important happens to buy or sell, for informational and educational purposes only ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin?

  • Yes, even if it is an internet currency, the only drawback that there may be is that it has a lot of volatility, so the value fluctuates a lot, although at any time you can sell it and have dollars or euros instantly

Is it profitable to invest in Bitcoin or long-term cryptocurrencies?

  • As a long-term investment it can be a very good decision, since in our opinion this technology will end up being implemented in the future and as we are still in the principles, although there are risks there is also a lot of room for growth

I am from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela or Peru. Can I buy or invest in bitcoins?

  • No matter where you are from, you can always invest in cryptocurrencies, the only thing that depends on the country will have more problems when converting your local currency to bitcoin. Otherwise, no problem and if you cannot access exchanges by location you can always buy them through Localbitcoins

Can I buy bitcoin to invest in the short term?

  • Of course! What you are entering in the trading zone, so before that I recommend that you inform yourself of how to do it to avoid losses for not understanding the behavior of the markets

What app or applications are good for investing in bitcoin?

  • We do not recommend that you invest with the app since the security is lower, but there are platforms like plus500 that let you leverage

How much is the minimum to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

  • Normally the minimum is set by the platform in which you change the money but currently we do not recommend doing so with less than $ 100 since that is the minimum amount for the Coinbase promotion that when you buy $ 100 of bitcoin they give you $ 10 extra. Click here to use it

How to invest in bitcoin safely?

  • All the links you find on this website will take you to 100% secure exchanges and by clicking on them you also support the website. Thanks in advance!

Can I invest in bitcoin futures?

  • Currently there are several platforms such as bitfinex or bitmex that allow you to do it, but being a more professional sector in which it is recommended to enter with great knowledge about market movements, we disassociate ourselves from it since this website is intended for new investors who still are about to be formed or just want to understand how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work

What risks does investing in cryptocurrencies?

  • More than risk would be the consequences of entering a market with great volatility without the right mindset. It is a market in which it is easy to see price fluctuations of 10% in a day, whether it is going up or down, so knowing what this implies is simply entering with money that you do not need and that these movements do not affect your life. everyday Otherwise, go to the Security section for more information

Where can I buy or pay with bitcoins?

  • Gradually more and more sites are added in which they accept cryptocurrencies as payment, but they are not too many.
  • There are also debit cards that allow you to convert to fiat to pay with them

Is it legal to invest in bitcoins?

  • Yes, there is no problem because you have or buy bitcoin, the only problem is at the fiscal level that many countries are currently in the process of regulation so there is still a tax-level gap and that issue is very chaotic.

What is the best way to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

  • We recommend that you do it by exchange as it is the easiest, fastest and safest way for the new investor

Where to buy cheap bitcoin?

  • This is not an item from a store where you can be discounted, so if you see someone selling you bitcoin or any cryptocurrency cheaper than the market, be suspicious and don’t buy it because it may be a scam. You can see the current price of cryptocurrencies at coinmarketcap.com

What is the best exchange to buy cryptocurrencies?

  • We recommend that you start with Coinbase to enjoy the promo of buying $ 100 from BTC they give you $ 10 more. Once that is done we recommend you go through Binance, Kucoin or Huobi

Is Bitcoin anonymous?

  • Yes and no. All transaction information and where the bitcoins are stored is public but not the identity of the wallet where they are

Is Bitcoin a currency of terrorists and criminals?

  • No, being a digital currency facilitates exchanges of anonymous payments, so on the Deep web it has been used for transactions for these purposes, but they have used it in the same way with dollars and euros. It is simply one more currency to pay and buy

I have seen bitcoin coins, can I have cryptocurrencies in physical?

  • No, what you are seeing are decoration coins with the bitcoin logo, ethereum or others

Can I buy bitcoin without intermediaries?

  • Yes, directly to a person who wants to sell them. Although we are heavy with this issue, beware of scams!

Do I have to create a Bitcoin account?

  • No, you have probably read or heard it somewhere unreliable. Just in case you go through these two sections of the web before buying bitcoin: Bitcoin, Security

Where to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies Fast, Easy and Safe?

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