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Ready to Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

In Bitcoin| StarterPack we want to give the best to the new people who arrive, can learn how to start with cryptocurrencies and to facilitate their learning and their way through the world of investments in that sector.

For this reason in this section you can find different types of strategies whether they are capital management, investment or other areas and always from an educational point so that you can take out the best potential of yourself and be a successful investor

For any investment you always need a strategy to not go crazy and lose everything, so we will help you to get through the cryptocurrency or trading as fruitful as possible and give you that boost you need when you start giving the first steps towards your path to success.

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The 13 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

In Bitcoin| StarterPack we have done the long and heavy selection work among the more than 2000 cryptocurrencies, choosing the 13 best and with the most potential currently in 2019. Being investments with a market study applying several criteria such as their trajectory, usefulness and potential growth among others

Why are they the best to invest?

These cryptocurrencies are not only at a very good price to invest in them due to the fall in the market, but apart from the growth potential they have, they have an excellent business model with a vision of the future and the ability to solve actual problems, contributing improvements that will have an immense impact on reducing costs in several areas, such as bureaucracy, transfers and time, among others.

With the main criteria of solving current real problems, these companies have the potential to grow rapidly and be implemented in real life, being in many cases of worldwide adoption, which will have an explosive effect on the upside. Young as it is the cryptocurrency, which have not yet entered the large investors and therefore a slight increase in money in the market means a good growth for investments of those who had previously positioned

The order of the items and the currencies do not have any type of preference order and we will avoid BTC since it is evident that it is the best in which to have a percentage of our portfolio

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How to Make a Profitable Portfolio

What is a portfolio?

It’s a strategy of diversifying investments that commonly its effectiveness is materialized in the long term so a good distribution of capital can impact on different types of risk and different potential benefits. For this we have created and we present for free four examples of portfolio design that you can take as an example or template to be able to create your best personal portfolio according to the risk potential you want to assume in your initiation in the investing of cryptocurrencies.

Secrets to know what type of investor you are and how to build a portfolio properly

When we start buying bitcoin or investing in long-term cryptocurrencies, there is always a dilemma when choosing how we divide our investments (because we always should to diversify) and we do not know whether to opt for a more conservative portfolio without so much risk, but turn with a possibly lower performance, or on the contrary opting for a more aggressive one with a potentially higher yield. Mainly the choice of the portfolio will depend on the type of investor you are and what represents a loss of a percentage or in the case of cryptocurrencies the total of that money.

Investors with a more conservative profile

They will always opt for a low risk portfolio without large movements but that in the long term in 5-10 years can give them a very good performance, they tend to invest in already consolidated companies, with a good track record and solid, in which they feel that everything at all time your money is safe and in good hands.

Investors with a more moderate aversion to risk profile

They are not far from the conservative style and simply apart from investing in the safe and consolidated companies, they decide to invest in other projects with a small superior potential but which are also quite insured since they are companies with a good historical trajectory and with good fundamentals. But they still have a margin of strong growth.

Investors with greater risk tolerance

They are those that usually they have more experience on the subject of investments and/or have large capitals so they can allocate a higher percentage to projects more creatively with much more risk because they are young projects and still do not have a solid floor historical to show results where to be able to fall, but in return the margin of growth and explosion of short-term benefits is potentially greater.

Investment strategy portfolio under conservative risk

Low Risk Portfolio

Moderate medium risk investment strategy

Medium Risk Portfolio

Aggressive High Risk Investment Strategy

High Risk Portfolio

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