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❗Attention to this section because it is the most important without a doubt of the web and where you can find the best tips to take care of your money, be it bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, from the hand of a professional who knows how all this works. I recommend that you read everything and if you do not understand it, go back and read it as many times as necessary and if necessary, do not hesitate to contact the team.❗

Scams and giveaway scam in social networks

Before we start talking about technical security, let’s start with something more important than all that.


We are going to a topic that I have heard several times from people who start in this and fall fully into scams. The summary is to be a little logical especially with the things that your money implies. In every online area that moves some money, it is full of people willing to do everything possible to cheat and make money from people who are not smart or who are not careful. NOBODY GIVES NOTHING FOR FREE! A common scam is of people who spam social networks by copying the image of someone relevant in cryptos and putting a nickname with some variation that is not very noticeable, such as changing a letter or a script. With this profile they begin to spam people’s comments or they mainly make a profile of the CEO of a cryptocoin or exchange project and in each comment, they spam below comments with a classic that may have variations but the message is the same:

“I have an offer to give 10,000 ETH, send me 0.5-10 ETH to sign up for the list and once received we will send you back what you have sent x10, IF YOU SEND 10 ETH WE SEND YOU BACK 100 ETH!! Run that I only have 2,000 more! “.

Now you will be thinking, are there really people so stupid to be scammed with that? Well the answer is a loud and clear YES.

There are other variants in which they pass themselves off as an ICO project that is about to go out to market and some impoverished poor also fall and send their money with illusion to the scammer thinking that they have just invested in the ICO.

Use the logic, always enter to official pages and do not click on links from people on twitter who do not have the ✅ blue, which means that this account is verified. TAKE CARE OF YOUR MONEY!

That said I leave my ETH address to send me 1 ETH and maybe I sent 2 ETH back:0x1C5aD863A5cAEe4EC51FB081D96ABB92132b1137

OMG NO!!!!! Did not you just read that is a lie? … You have no remedy …

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Private Key, Public key and transfers

You will have heard about the Private Key and the Public Key, and it is quite important since it is the key to your wallet.

On one side we have the Public Key that would be like the address of your house, where they can send you letters and in the registers is where you live, but instead the Private Key are the keys of the castle and if someone gets it, they can freely enter to the kitchen, make a coffee and take your cryptos as a souvenir to their home.

Therefore under no circumstances we will NEVER give or let anyone see our Private Key, in fact to access our wallet we will try any other method of access other than the private key. It is extremely important that you follow the said without any excuse because we are talking about something basic to you don’t get robbed

Once we have a good definition that is the private key, now we go with the public key, this can be given to whoever you want, you can put it anywhere, the only bad thing that can happen is that someone will gossip your account to see how much do you have

Send or transfer bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Sending cryptocurrency is quite similar to sending an email, we just need to give us your address and that’s it.

If you want to send bitcoin to someone they will need to provide us the public key of their account and if you want to receive you would have to give your public key. For this we will get into our wallet and select the amount of bitcoin we want to send and the address that we want to do it. Bitcoin is safe but I still recommend that you always confirm the first three and last letters of each address before click send because changing only one number or letter or missing something by not copying the address correctly, if you send it to that wrong address, you are sending free money to someone or if it does not exist, that money would disappear automatically. Therefore always double check that costs nothing

Two-factor Authentication 2FA

The two factor is a free security system in which when you login on any platform/service apart from asking the user and password, they will ask you for a numeric code that you will have on your mobile with an app that you will download from Google, that every X seconds will change to a new one, so if your user and password are stolen, they will not be able to do anything if they do not have that code that is generated every few seconds. That said, every time you make an account at some site,


If you have not enabled this and are robbed, the hacker / thief deserves your money.

All exchanges in the security section have the option to enable this system, completely free.

To consider:

When you go to enable this system they will give you a QR code with a code on top to scan it with your mobile and that will be like a unique identity for you, so that the code algorithm shows you some unique numbers for you. It’s important that this code you should keep it written in some paper physically or in some doc that is safe in a pendrive or external hard disk without access to Internet. Why so much roll? Because if the mobile stops working or breaks, you lose the codes and can’t enter to your accounts. Yes it is true that you can retrieve your code by contacting support, but it is quite tedious because they will ask for documents and identify you in several ways and this can take several days of paperwork and thus avoid going through all those steps for something so silly like your phone has been broken or you’ve lost it.

two factor authentication google español

Can I leave my bitcoin in an Exchange?

You have already followed all the steps to where to buy bitcoin in an exchange and you don’t know whether to leave them there because they are large and secure companies or to take them out and store them in your wallet. The correct answer would depend on what you want to do. If what you want to do is short term investment you are interested in making buying and selling movements to earn money with bitcoin or another currency in your movements taking advantage of volatility, so nothing happens if you leave it there because every time you retire BTC charge you a small commission for the procedure. On the other side if what you want is to make a long-term investment and you do not plan to do anything with that money for months/years, then I recommend withdrawing it to a private hardware wallet.

The exchanges are platforms that allow you to buy and sell coins but obviously you need to have capital in the platform and therefore “they have your money” and if something happens and the exchange suddenly closed or have some type of security failure and they were robbed, there would be a high possibility that you would lose your funds. For this we recommend that you have the minimum necessary in the exchanges, while also recommend choosing the largest and most important that are those who invest heavily in security and even have funds to guarantee user funds. In section Where to buy bitcoin we have selected the best ones that meet those requirements.

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Wallets for Bitcoin

The safest way to store your bitcoins and other currencies is to have it in a private wallet that is only under your power and control. Mainly there are two ways to store your BTC

The free way that is making an account in the blockchain accessing from the web or in other versions with mobile app is easy to use, safe and fast, so that you have total control over your bitcoins but in return you are 100% responsible for the security and in the case of breakage, loss or theft of mobile, if you do not have a backup of the codes you run the risk of losing it forever.

The safest way is a physical wallet or hardware wallet and like everything good, you have to pay for that but it’s worth it and we recommend it. The hardware wallets are the safest because they have several types of security steps before you enter the account, as a PIN that only shows on the screen of the device in random order and after managing the web asks for confirmations so that accept them by pressing buttons physically on the device. Not only with all these functions, if you lose or you break the device, the digital security company that supports it, gives you a method to recover your account in which your bitcoins will be intact.

Also these devices have the option of storing different cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoins, so with only one device you can have all the variety of coins you want while enjoying high security. In the section Wallets we developed in more depth the characteristics and different brands of these wallets that mainly the best ones are currently Trezor and Ledger that we recommend to always enter the official website or by clicking directly on the names to go directly

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